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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Note About The Interviews

I'm re-reading my notes and setting to work on writing out my interview with Jenna Weinberg, the founder and Executive Director of Mainspring Collective, and I'm finding that I'm, well, waxing somewhat exultant about her. So much so that I'm feeling like I need some sort of disclaimer before I publish the actual interview.

Although, "disclaimer" is sort of an inaccurate term, as it implies a desire to alienate oneself from the work and what I am trying to explain is the opposite: how deeply connected I am to it.

Here's the story about Jenna's interview, and the ones to follow. I won't even pretend that the interviews I'm preparing to conduct are at all impartial or happenstance. They're not plugs for anything, or bids for publicity. There might not even be anything to promote (although knowing these busy and talented artists, there probably will be). The people I intend to interview are people whom I have encountered during my brief time in the biz, and remember because their passion and creativity have inspired me, given me cause to keep moving forward. The interviews, really, aren't meant to be unbiased, multi-faceted representations of these artists and their work, as much as they are to show why I find these people so damn inspiring.

That said...

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