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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why Breaking Dawn Is the Worst Movie Ever

I'm taking an immediate break from my new task to find what I love to do in order to tell you why Breaking Dawn was the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life.

That is not a hyperbole.

Watching it, I kept thinking, I can say with absolute confidence that this is THE worst movie I have ever seen. And I've seen all the other Twilight movies. No, seriously, there is nothing right about this movie.

And let's just talk about the problems with the movie. Let's not go into my problems with the source material. Let's not re-hash the fact that Bella is basically THE WORST ROLE MODEL EVER for adolescent girls because not only does she seem to have no interests, ideas or identity beyond her sparkly boyfriend, but she actually ceases to be able to function when he's not around and repeatedly puts herself IN MORTAL PERIL just to hear his voice. Or how annoyed I get that she acts so superior to her classmates and all their silly, childish thoughts and interests when, in fact, they are the ones who seem to be living healthy, active, grounded lives. Or how impossibly frustrated I become when I think about the fact that this book is lauded as having a positive message for teenage girls just because it promotes abstinence until marriage, completely overlooking all the other poor decisions it glorifies, like getting married at 18; obsessive, co-dependent relationships; and, oh, I don't know, WILLING TO DIE FOR A BOY. I mean, SERIOUSLY people, she wants to sacrifice her identity, her life and her SOUL to be with Edward. And this is a good thing? We're supposed to LIKE this girl?

Oh, whoops. I guess I did end up talking about it. Sometimes I start ranting about Twilight and I just can't stop.

Anyway, back to the movie, which could have been four short, expository scenes:

Bella and Edward get married.

Bella and Edward go on their honeymoon. They have hot, if slightly kinky, sexy-time.

Bella finds out she is pregnant, possibly with a scary demon baby. Everybody worries.

Bella gives birth to aforementioned scary demon baby, and subsequently becomes a vampire.

Done and done. If you're wondering how they stretched these scenes out into an excruciatingly long two hours, save your money, cause I'm about to tell you.

Let's start with scene one.

Bella and Edward Get Married.
She walks down the aisle, they look lovingly at each other, they say I do. THE END. This is EXPOSITION, folks. This is SET-UP. THIS IS NOT PLOT. And yet, it takes up maybe the first third of the movie.

Because we have to have a detailed reaction to the wedding invitation from every single person that Bella or Edward has ever met ever. (Relatedly: if you happened to be betting on how long it takes Taylor Lautner to shed his shirt, if you guessed longer than two seconds, you totally lost.) And we get a weird wedding nightmare where Bella finds herself atop a pile of her bloody, mutilated friends and family. Why? Don't know. The idea that Bella's loved ones are in danger never ever factors into the movie again. Not even vaguely. Though it does explain the otherwise completely inexplicable look of panic/indigestion that Kristen Stewart sports throughout her walk down the aisle and basically the entire rest of the movie.

Everyone else, go about your business for a sec. Grab a snack. Check your email. I need a quick word just with K-Stew. Kristen. Listen. You are ALLOWED to have more than one expression. In fact, I would say it's ADVISABLE. It's not good acting if you always looked distressed. Especially if you're supposed to be ecstatically happy. Shhh. Trust me.

Okay, everyone, you can return. Back to the wedding: we also get (most unbearably of all) an impossibly long, overwrought walk down the aisle, punctuated by long, overwrought stares at each other - which mean that they're in love - underscored by an overwrought, emo/hipster soundtrack. All of which culminates in a kiss where (originally) everyone watching disappears, and is SO long (and tongue-y) it made me feel awkward not only for myself, but for every fictional person in attendance at that fictional wedding.

This is pretty much the entire movie

The long, overwrought, entirely unnecessary pauses between every line of dialogue and deep, meaningful looks that I can only assume are supposed to communicate the deep emotion that Bella and Edward feel continues as...

Bella and Edward Go On Their Honeymoon
First of all, I have NEVER seen anybody look so pissed off to unexpectedly be on vacation in Rio. Seriously, Kristen. It's not bad acting to smile once in a while.

Second of all, I can almost forgive unbelievably drawn out staring and sighing and plaintive music here because at least it's kind of sexy. Except before we get to anything even remotely resembling sexy-time, we get what feels like LIFETIMES of them staring at each other, and then staring at the house, and then staring at each other some more, and then staring at the bed, and then staring at each other some more. And this is AFTER the taxi ride during which they stare at each other, and then stare pensively out the window, and then stare at each other some more, until they get to the boat in which they...

You get the point.

Additionally, after a night of enjoyable, if rough, passion, Edward decides that he will never touch Bella again, even though she's literally begging for sex. "Last night was the most amazing night of my life," Bella says at one point. "Why don't you believe that?" Hmm, I don't know, Bella, maybe it's because you only have ONE EXPRESSION and you currently look like you're about to puke.

But Edward is having none of it; he can't risk hurting her as she is SUCH delicate flower, unable to make decisions or assess risks on her own. I'd be annoyed at the chauvinism here, except, Edward, I can't say I blame you - Bella hasn't exactly asserted herself as a strong or independent woman.

So, anyway, you say a drawn-out, overwrought chess-playing montage can't be done? I say nay! Because it happens here, and we don't even get the sexy to make it palatable.

(Oh, and PS, maybe it's just the Sarah Lawrence feminist coming out of me, but I find the entire idea of sex and sexuality in this movie to be almost offensively patriarchal. "Last night was the most amazing night of my life"? Please. Why is (first-time!) sex by its strictest heterosexual definition so A) important and B) earth-shatteringly, life-changingly ah-maz-ing? I'm pretty sure they could have reached some sort of compromise, if-ya-know-what-I-mean, that in reality Bella would have probably found more satisfying. And also? I find it hypocritical and gross that despite (or perhaps because of) its message of abstinence, sex is treated as this be-all, end-all of relationships, the holy grail of two people being together. It's such a disgusting exemplification of the simultaneously overly-puritanical and over-sexed society we live in.)

... Sorry.

Anyway, eventually...

Bella Finds Out She's Pregnant, Possibly with a Demon Baby. Everybody Worries.
This scene comprises the bulk of the movie, and can basically be boiled down to the following: everyone in the world gathers around Bella because she is So Special, and commence stroking her face and looking concerned about her.

That's it.

Okay, Jacob and his band of werewolves briefly pop up. And, to be fair, Jacob occasionally surfaced in the previous two scenes as well, largely to repeat the some variation of the line: "I'm worried about Bella's safety and wish I could kill Edward." In scene three, he accidentally sics his werewolves on Bella (oops!), but then he goes over to warn everybody, and they invite him into their circle of face-stroking and concerned looks.

Again: that's it.

Bella Gives Birth to Aforementioned Scary Demon Baby, and Subsequently Becomes a Vampire.
You'd think this part would be exciting, because the demon baby (which is not actually a demon baby at all, snooze) breaks her back and then Edward eats it out of her stomach.

You'd think.

But no, this part of the story is shot from Bella's point of view who, in true Twilight fashion, blacks out during the most interesting part.

The werewolves come to kill Bella too, which you'd also think would get interesting, but right as the fight starts to heat up, Jacob comes out and tells them they all have to leave and they just do.

Seriously?? Has anybody involved with this project ever even read a story? Do you not know how this works?

So anyway, that's that. The movies pretty much over at this point, except for the part where it's really not at all. Bella is basically dead and Edward has... injected vampire venom into her heart? Um, sure, okay. The point is, WE ALL KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING. DOES ANYBODY NOT SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING?

And yet, before Bella can turn into a vampire and the movie can end, we need at least ten minutes of Edward looking sad, and Jacob looking angry, and back to Edward trying to save her again, and back to Jacob looking sad. And then a weird CSI-inspired sequence of the vampire venom inside Bella's body, and then more of Edward looking sad, and Jacob looking angry, and Edward trying to save her, and Jacob looking sad and oh my sweet lord we all know that Bella is going to turn into a vampire please for the love of god just make it happen. Look, I'm not a playwright, but I'm pretty sure it's not suspense if everybody knows what's going to happen.

And then, when you think you just can't handle it any longer, then and only then do Bella's eyes open all red and vampire-like and the worst movie in the entire world is finally over.


  1. 1st off dont forget that Jacob imprints and second of all i love twilight and so do my kids!!! ive seen the movie 4 times and im going again tommarow to take my 4 year old to see it!!! Twilight rocks!!!

  2. Leigh,
    You make some excellent points here. I actually used to like Twilight... then I read Breaking Dawn, and it changed my life forever. I realized what a sick message this book series is sending. And the movie? What a joke. I saw it because I needed to laugh at something, and I guess it worked. SMeyer's cameo? Hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing because it was so cheesy. Anyway, nice job! I appreciate skepticism.
    -lemonyleigh from tumblr :)

  3. I am so glad I'm not the only person in the world that thought this was the worst movie ever made. Your critique absolutely nailed it! The only thing redeeming about this movie is the quality time I've spent railing on how completely terrible it is.

  4. This movie is a wonderful piece of crap. Thanks for telling it just how it is. Probably THE worst movie I've ever seen. Disturbingly bad acting for the promoted film that it is, and a predictable and non-existing plot that topped it all off.

    The uneventful wedding leads to a 45-min make-out fest. The next 45-min consist of people standing around, worrying aimlessly about Bella. The rest of the movie contains repetitive reaction shots and the film drags out as long as it can before---the big surprise: she becomes a vampire (insert Home Alone look of sarcastic surprise here).

    Bella's lack of personality, blind devotion to Edward, helplessness, and irrational decision-making just makes it worse. You are very right in thinking she's a horrible role model.

    It's not even bad in a humorous way, and I could barely sit through the whole thing.

    I can't say anymore than this, as you hit this one on the nail. Nicely done!

    P.S.: You're hilarious. I like your sense of humor. You should make a video review of this for YouTube.

  5. Your review is spot on. This movie was awful. It was hard for me to sit through it.

    The only thing you forgot to mention was Jacob imprinting on the hybrid baby.

  6. Thank you for making me cry with laughter!

    This film actually had me hiding my face with pain.

    Your reviews nails it completely. Although I have to confess that I am actually a Twlight fan (even if I want to strangle Bella for being a pathetically weak character and Kristen Stewert for being unable to act). I just can't understand how someone involved in the movie didn't just look at it and notice that it is slow-moving, makes no fricking sense and gets everything wrong in anyway.

    Whew! Done! Thanks - your rant really was most cathartic.

  7. I just watched this one because oddly enough a sibling who hates most movies said it was pretty good. I just laughed. Not sure if I laughed because it was all so stupid that one couldn't help but laugh or if it was because I was still watching it. Either way, your article was more entertaining than the move.

  8. BAHAHAHA!!! As I was reading your review, I was thinking how I couldn't agree more. I just finished watching this absolutely insufferable movie. Gotta love how everyone makes a speech at the wedding, that took up a good 10 minutes, and then the avatar rip off at the very end. All in all marriage->brief screwing-> pregnancy after 14 days->baby drama doesn't make for any kind of entertainment worth viewing. I can never get those minutes back.

  9. I just finished watching this movie. WHY? Every single character is so unlikeable. I even hate the stupid demon baby. Not only is Bella pathetic with no life (personality!) of her own--she spends most of the movie looking like some freakish zombie. This means she is emaciated and has to talk even softer than usual and look even more like she's going to puke than usual. Bleh. Once again, why did I watch this? Thank you for the review that allowed me to feel a little less alone as a Twilight hater.