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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Looking For a Good Read?

About ten months ago, I thought to myself, hey, I can write. I have opinions. I could totally be a blogger. Then I wrote about 6 posts, said, "hey, something shiny!" and forgot about it. But the idea kept gnawing at me, and after dreadful summer of burn-out, dead-ends, and self-doubt, I came back to the project, invigorated by a need for expressive revival and new paths to creative fulfillment.

Since September, I've immersed myself in the online/blogging community at large, and I've collected an astounding amount of insight and knowledge from it. I have an exciting and ever-growing list of thoughtful bloggers whom I follow regularly (see the blogroll). But there are a few (mostly theater) blogs I want to call out specifically for having consistently engaging content that I look forward to reading week after week.

Parabasis: As thought-provoking as it is eclectic: where else can I follow an academic analysis of one of favorite TV shows, read the most incisive review of Broadway's most talked-about play a month before the critics got to it, and be challenged by bold and considered political opinions all in the same place?

2amt: If you love making theater, and you know how to work the internet, you should be following 2amt. End of story.

About Last Night: This may be an inappropiate generalization, but I often feel like theater critics - while I understand their role in the art - crave the opportunity to tear a piece of work apart, and have little understanding of or involvement with the actual creative process. Not so with Teachout. I get the feeling from him that he loves and appreciates the art form in its totality, the process as well as the product. He wants to exalt what is really good about theater, and if that means honestly appraising what's bad about theater, well so be it. And he's not afraid to make a go of it himself, which I respect and admire. His blog is thoughtful, accessible, and entertaining. I always look forward to reading it.

The Clyde Fitch Report: A wealth of news and commentary on a number of subjects, ranging from interviews to arts advocacy to current and topical theater talk. (And the fact that the three examples I pulled are the first three links on the site should be an indicator of its consistent awesomeness). A fabulous resource and good reading as well.

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