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I'm an NYC-based director, and this is an outlet for my various musings about theater and about the city of New York. Sometimes the subjects run together, sometimes they are entirely separate, but between the two they comprise the most fitful, most intense, most trying love affair of my few years. They fill my head, my heart, my mouth every hour of every day; they could fill a book.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I'm back, after a long hiatus. This isn't the first time I've dropped of the face of the blogging planet, BUT, in my defense, my last post, on the first of June, was followed by the most emotionally trying three months of my life. I'm... hoping that's all behind me?

I won't elaborate, because the specifics of my unraveling aren't particularly interesting or even unique, and, anyway, this isn't my diary. I only mention it because with it has come a subsequent questioning of my life in the theater - my drive, my passion, my abilities as a director, blah blah blah.

I told you it wasn't interesting or unique.

But, as this is ostensibly my theater blog, the whole crisis of, um, vocation? may come up again so - there it is.

In the meantime, I also wanted to mention that one of the things that I clung to during my time of crisis was, in fact, a line from a play. And a play by a colleague, at that. Andrea Lepcio's Looking for the Pony, a play which I had the pleasure of seeing as a reading and later as a full production, is an amazingly poignant story of two sisters' efforts to accept one's cancer diagnosis. The older sister, practical and steadfast, is always advising the younger, who is more passionate, eager, and headstrong, to "ammend the goal," rather than plow stubbornly forward with a plan that isn't working. This advice is particularly touching at the end when -- spoiler alert -- the older realizes it's time to ammend the goal of surviving her cancer.

Anyway, in the past three months, as I've fallen further and further down the rabbit hole of who am I? where am I going? etc., it's given me stabililty and strength to remember that it is an option to "ammend the goal."

I think I might email Andrea and tell her her words have been a comfort. Because that's what we all wish for, isn't it? That we could share a moment, however small, however fleeting with another person? That something we've created might find its way into another person's life with all the significance and meaning that we felt for it?

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